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The Spiral Notebook Incident
(In Short Stories) by skrath on (09/15/2008-3:43 am)
Tags: notebook, spiral, eye, school, paramedics
I had a pretty average childhood for the most part. Went to public schools, didn't move around too much. Had a decent number of friends, but wasn't super popular. It was all just pretty average.

However, there were some things that occurred that were not average at all. In fact, they were pretty fucked up. Now, everybody's got their crazy stories of weird shit that happened once upon a time, but most of them don't have anything to do with something so quaint as a spiral notebook.

Why I Have a Limp
(In Short Stories) by skrath on (09/09/2008-4:11 am)
Tags: limp, leg, crush, spin, x-ray, spine, pain
OK, so it's not really that noticeable, but it is there. Generally, it only comes out when I'm tired or if I've been walking a lot. Sometimes you can see it right after I stand up, before I've fully adjusted myself to walking.

It's not some big deal, it doesn't hurt or anything like that. It's just a little oddity I have. Sort of like some people can bend their fingers in funny directions. But there's still a reason why.

Why I Don't Eat Raisins
(In Short Stories) by skrath on (08/31/2008-10:11 pm)
Tags: raisins, englishmuffins, breakfast, vomit
I often tell people that I don't eat raisins because I had a bad experience, but I don't always tell them what that experience was. In fact, sometimes merely telling people of my experience makes them not eat raisins as well. But what horrible thing happened to make me stop eating such a seemingly harmless food?

So... I am Back?
(In SpatterGraphics News) by skrath on (05/28/2008-8:39 pm)
Tags: hackers, downtime, sql, exploit, fun
Yes, the site was down for a while. I didn't exactly rush to get things running again for numerous reasons. In fact, there's a decent chance it will go down again, thanks to all my hacker buddies. I'll write more about this later if the site doesn't explode.

Ahh, such fun.

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